Saturday, December 3, 2022



It was right there in front of us the whole to offer this book for free, initially, without running afoul of some pre-published restrictions with the largest bookseller in the world.

Uncorrected proof copies for beta readers.

So...what you have here, via BookFunnel, is the uncorrected first draft of The Lost Boys of EveryWhen. There will be typos. There's at least one section that needs serious rewriting because it's a clusterf**k...I can see it in my head, but it did not translate well when typed out. But that's fine, because it's readable and fixable.

So for the next week, you can download The Lost Boys of EveryWhen for free.

Get it at Book Funnel, which will offer you the download based on your preferred ereader. If you don't have an ereader, the Kindle app is available for your computer and works just fine.


And while this is a beta-reader copy, no work is requested on your end. The actual beta readers have already had at it and my editor is tearing it apart as I speak. Just sit back and enjoy the next part of Wick's story, which jumps ahead 10 years and follow Rhys and Hyrum on an unintended adventure.

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