Thursday, September 1, 2022

First Draft Coming...Soonish

I'm getting very close to the start of publishing the next Wick book here, section by section as I mildly polish the vomit draft into the the first draft. I hadn't planned on it taking so long, but there is a potential hiccup: the chance that if I drop it here, for free, Amazon won't carry it in digital or print formats later. And since Amazon is the major source of books sales, losing that would be like killing the whole thing before it gets off the ground.

So...with my editor's help, we're trying to figure out what to do and how to do it without losing future distribution.

In the meantime...there are a couple of shorts that serve as kind of an introduction to the people in Wick's universe, and I'll post those soon. 

The one that follows this, though, is something that was cut from No Matter the When. So it might only make sense if you've read that...and if you haven't, there's still time! The digital version is pretty cheap and available on Amazon (and should be in a bunch of other places, but I'm not 100% sure. I'll look.) This would have been placed close to the last short story in NMtW, but because of reasons, it was edited out.

That it didn't make it to print doesn't change that in my head, it's canon. This is the cap to David's Munson's story in the Wick Chronicles; Jax and Red want to use him for propaganda, but it might not be as simple as they hope. David is comfortable in his jail cell, and has his own ideas about how things should play out.

So...fresh from languishing on a hard drive: