Saturday, December 3, 2022



It was right there in front of us the whole to offer this book for free, initially, without running afoul of some pre-published restrictions with the largest bookseller in the world.

Uncorrected proof copies for beta readers.

So...what you have here, via BookFunnel, is the uncorrected first draft of The Lost Boys of EveryWhen. There will be typos. There's at least one section that needs serious rewriting because it's a clusterf**k...I can see it in my head, but it did not translate well when typed out. But that's fine, because it's readable and fixable.

So for the next week, you can download The Lost Boys of EveryWhen for free.

Get it at Book Funnel, which will offer you the download based on your preferred ereader. If you don't have an ereader, the Kindle app is available for your computer and works just fine.


And while this is a beta-reader copy, no work is requested on your end. The actual beta readers have already had at it and my editor is tearing it apart as I speak. Just sit back and enjoy the next part of Wick's story, which jumps ahead 10 years and follow Rhys and Hyrum on an unintended adventure.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Two New Shorts

 Just added...two new shorts that precede the upcoming Wick book:

The Answer to Everything

George and Isaac

There's still some tweaking to be done...I cannot figure out why the type is so small (at least on my end) and despite trying to set it to a larger size, it's just, well, tiny. I don't know about you, but that tiny print is super hard to comfortably read.

So, I'll try to compile all three available shorts into a downloadable format and then add them to this post. It might be a link to Book Funnel, or Draft2Digitial, not sure which yet; it will depend on which seems most user-friendly for this.

[EDIT: If you have a Kindle, try downloading it from this link: 

If you have another e-reader, try this ePub: ]

These two shorts are basically just stuff that comes before the book; it's been 10 years in the Wick universe, and The Answer to Everything helps fill in some gaps and is a way to get to know teenaged Rhys a bit better. It's first draft material, and we're aware that the ending is kind of abrupt...but it works for what this is: a preview of sorts.

George and Isaac is kind of an info-dump. It's not necessary to the overall story, but this tiny bit of info about Isaac hints to his inner struggles. I wanted to show how George--who has a past of pretty awful things--has become a compassionate father, and is becoming a good person. It's a small bite that just didn't fit in The Lost Boys of Everywhen, but somehow mattered to me.

The book is in editing, and so far the feedback is positive. The Big Thing under discussion is not what I expected: under whose name will this be published? Mine or Max's? My name was added to the Wick series as a just-in-case thing, and with him gone, the just-in-case is an in-case thing, but no one is certain that shifting the author name to me is the right thing.

It may be published under Max's name, with hopes that readers understand that, while he's gone, I really do consider all the Wick books to be his. 

Still, if we use his name, that cements his name as my pseudonym. And while we all know what's behind the Kitty-Author Curtain...I'm not sure that's what his readers and friends want. 

And for some reason, my proposal of having K.A. THOMPSON PRESENTS MAX THOMPSON'S THE LOST BOYS OF EVERYWHEN went over like the proverbial lead balloon. "There's only so much cover real estate, you know. We need space for the actual COVER."


I'm sure we could fit a tiny cat in there somewhere.

Sunday, October 30, 2022's coming

We've run into a hiccup (previously mentioned) in regards to posting the entire text of The Lost Boys of Everywhen, so on the advice of my editor, we're pivoting. The book has to go to print first, both paper and digital, and then I can pop it up on here.

In the meantime, this week there will be two shorts that are not part of the bigger manuscript, so I can safely post those. 

After the book is available for purchase and the Amazon minions satisfied, then I'll post the manuscript here. It will either be a link to download all content, posted one chapter at a time here, or both. 

I honestly expected this to have run here in whole already (first draft, anyway) and am a little miffed I couldn't find a way to make it happen. the book is in an editing stage; it's been beta read, some typos corrected, and there needs to be a rewrite on one section that is, admittedly, confusing. That shouldn't take long on my end; we'll see what the Battleaxe has to say on her end.

I have lots of words I want to say about Amazon, but...rocking boats and all that.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

First Draft Coming...Soonish

I'm getting very close to the start of publishing the next Wick book here, section by section as I mildly polish the vomit draft into the the first draft. I hadn't planned on it taking so long, but there is a potential hiccup: the chance that if I drop it here, for free, Amazon won't carry it in digital or print formats later. And since Amazon is the major source of books sales, losing that would be like killing the whole thing before it gets off the ground.

So...with my editor's help, we're trying to figure out what to do and how to do it without losing future distribution.

In the meantime...there are a couple of shorts that serve as kind of an introduction to the people in Wick's universe, and I'll post those soon. 

The one that follows this, though, is something that was cut from No Matter the When. So it might only make sense if you've read that...and if you haven't, there's still time! The digital version is pretty cheap and available on Amazon (and should be in a bunch of other places, but I'm not 100% sure. I'll look.) This would have been placed close to the last short story in NMtW, but because of reasons, it was edited out.

That it didn't make it to print doesn't change that in my head, it's canon. This is the cap to David's Munson's story in the Wick Chronicles; Jax and Red want to use him for propaganda, but it might not be as simple as they hope. David is comfortable in his jail cell, and has his own ideas about how things should play out.

So...fresh from languishing on a hard drive:


Friday, April 22, 2022


The ongoing Wick Chronicles saga, resuming soon with The Lost Boys of Everywhen. Picking up a decade after the end of No Matter the When, Wick, Rhys, and Hyrum explore cybernetics, introduce Quinn to a new type of existence, and decide to "go on an adventure" that takes them somewhen unexpected--a When in which Rhys faces a struggle he never considered.